Using Donald Trump’s Campaign Tactics to Win at Content Marketing

The unthinkable has happened. A reality TV star as President of the United States. Television writers couldn’t have crafted a more unexpected twist of events. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit Donald Trump isn’t afraid to challenge traditional norms.Just as Mr. Trump upset the status quo, you can also upset the proverbial apple cart by approaching brand building in a non-traditional manner. Content marketing in all its forms (blogging, video, podcasting, etc.) is a crucial component of building your business. But instead of following the lead of other successful marketers, consider integrating Donald Trump’s campaign tactics into your growth efforts.

It’s time to stop being a sheep following the flock and instead become the wolf that captures the public’s attention. Incorporate the following tips into your content marketing strategy and watch your audience engagement rates soar.

Do the Unexpected

If you are doing the same thing as everyone else in your sector, how do you expect to stand out? Don’t be afraid to try different types of content or approach audience outreach in unexpected ways. Basic is boring; it’s time to shake up your content marketing strategy.

Give Customers What They Want

Stop listening to so-called marketing experts when determining your content campaigns. Pay attention to what your customers are saying and target their needs. Mine the comments on your Facebook page, dive into responses on your blog posts, and research forums like a border patrol dog hunting for contraband. The more you give customers exactly what they want, the better your brand will perform online.

Be Controversial

Don’t shy away from creating controversial content if it speaks to your customers. Create videos, blog posts, and images that resonate with consumers on a visceral level. Express the thoughts other brands are hesitant to address, yet echo the sentiments of your audience.

Winning at content marketing means offering content that resonates with your target audience while standing out from the crowd. Just as Donald Trump became President of the United States by being different, you can excel at content outreach by setting yourself apart from others in your sector. Will you be changing your  marketing strategy for 2017 in an effort to be different than your competitors?

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